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Metal and Stone Options

Here is some information on the metal and stone options for your custom piece!

Remember, you are not completely limited by the options and pictures listed under each custom product. 

Most all of my pieces are made with sterling silver, copper, or a mix of both. I can also use 10K or 14K gold accents for some things like rope edging and brands. You might see a sterling ring pictured with silver rope edges and a silver brand, but that is customizable and you can usually switch it to gold or copper. Just mention these requests in the notes at checkout or when we are discussing the design.

I want to remind everyone that copper is a natural metal that can turn your skin green. It's known as the oxidation reaction. The copper reacts with oxygen in the air and your sweat and skin oils creating a green layer of copper carbonate on your skin. Relax; it's nothing to be concerned about, it can just be a nuisance. Most likely you're not allergic to the copper, very few people are. Simply keep your copper clean and dry and remove any oil or sweat which may be on your jewelry. If this is something you don't want to deal with, I recommend asking me about silver lining that can be added to some copper ring styles, or stick with sterling silver pieces which do not turn your skin green!

I DO NOT work with real diamonds or make wedding rings. I'm sorry for this inconvenience. Most clear stones you will see in my work are cubic zirconiums. They can be round, oval, or cushion cut and come in a variety of sizes.

Another popular stone option is turquoise! I keep a large variety of turquoise stones in stock including different sizes of round, oval, square, and rectangle. Since some turquoise comes in many different colors I generally give you a variety of 3-5 choices when we are discussing the design details. (This would be after you've paid your deposit and I am ready to start!)

I also keep many birthstones and opal stones in stock.

My supplier carries hundreds of different stones so if there is something special you are looking for I will do my best to find it for you! I will always give you the price estimate before ordering these special stones. If it is not in your price range we can discuss other similar options.

As always if you have further questions feel free to message me on facebook or email me!