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Ring Sizing


If you do not know your ring size or haven't been sized in a while, I highly recommend going to a local jewelry store or jewelry counter and having a professional jeweler size you. This is the best way to ensure the proper size. Discuss with them the width of the ring you are wanting, because wider rings will fit tight. For wider rings, I generally recommend going up 1/4 or 1/2 size from what you wear in a thin ring. However this is just a recommendation and everyone's fingers are different. DIY or "at home" ring sizing methods are not always accurate so I do not recommend using those.

MOST of my rings can be made adjustable, and some wide styles only come that way. If you can't figure out your exact size or your fingers fluctuate a lot, I would recommend getting an adjustable ring. I will still need an idea of your size as they are only slightly adjustable. For example, an adjustable size 7 ring may adjust down to a 6 or up to an 8, but no more.

We are not responsible if you order the wrong size, and many ring styles cannot be resized by me. If a resize is possible, additional fees will apply.